Meet Daniela Mihalciac

A journalist, a teacher, a mentor, and still a student at heart, my existence is a proof to the fact that life is truly a beautiful adventure. Wherever I’ve been, it has touched my life in a good way and transformed me into the person I am today.

One of the very first moments of my journey occurred during my High School studies in Oradea, when I’ve been introduced to the history of religions, by the inspiring teacher Maria Groșan. Soon she became one of my first role models, then we both attended the classes of inner transformation of Elta Universitate during 1993- 1997. This School of Metaphysics was providing me spiritual knowledge based on key concepts, such as Health by Natural Alimentation, Introspection through both Astrology and Diary Writing, Volunteering within the frame of Serving the Community, Love and Compassion through Brotherhood. All these notions helped me a lot in getting me closer to my real Self. Thus, from my early eighteens, I became aware of the deep spiritual values need in one’s life, and of their benefits.

Based on my, firstly Philology, and then Journalism University Studies, I have discovered the joy in sharing knowledge, by applying the pedagogy methods of teaching children of all ages for almost 10 years. I can still feel the joy of sharing, nowadays in sharing yoga field.

My passion in dealing with spirituality has been revealed during my life-journeys to India, which provided me direct contact with yoga through Heartfulness meditation, from the very roots of it. My spiritual oasis has been enlarged by traveling around the world at different spiritual trainings and camps. My life journeys to India and life in ashrams offered me the precious opportunity to be closer to the finest creation of the Light and the Spirit. Such experience opened my consciousness towards the world and the people, making me realize that integrating the Spiritual Values in my life, is possible only by sharing from heart.
This passion even grew after graduating the course of Yoga for Children, in 2014, when I have joyfully discovered some new bright sides in addressing by fun to the early ages students.
I officially decided to share my passion for yoga with others and set foot on a life long journey of teaching, after graduating in 2016 The School of Bindusar Yoga Rishikesh India, 200 hours with Academy Yoga Romania. I am very grateful towards Mukesh Kothari teacher having him as a guide in Hatha Yoga.

In 2017, a Practical Course in Ashtanga Yoga, gave me the wonderful opportunity to come in touch with Cosmin Iancu and to put the landmark for a further cooperation in February 2018.

You can find my passion in action in Cluj Napoca through attending here my yoga and meditation classes, and contributing to build a healthy environment around the community on yoga. Heatfulness lifestyle means to me a link with the wisdom of my heart in tune with a peaceful mind, an exceptional way to make out the most of life.

I’d also love to find you to practice with me.
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